Jeffrey Ford reviews Knife Fight

David Nickle’s Knife Fight and Other Struggles is a collection of thirteen unique glimpses into the weird. Dynamic imagination, masterful writing of both the every day and the nightmare, characters that breathe, and a dark sense of humour make this a keeper. If you’ve not yet read Nickle’s fiction, Knife Fight is a great place to start. If you have, you’ve no doubt already bought this book.

Hellnotes on Night Inside

Inside is at times bleak, rife with captors that love torture and snuff films and create both. However, within this story of incest, greed, necrophilia, and a multitude of other horrors, Baker pens some beautiful descriptions. I appreciated her ability to get at the core of what motivates her characters and lay it bare for the reader to see, no matter how disturbing that truth may be.

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The Winner of SPoM!

The winner of CZP's Shitty Poetry Month is Mike Bryant for his poem "A Stark and Wormy Blight."

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Shitty Poetry Month Finals

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Poem 1

Shitty Poetry Month Week Four Winner

The winner of week 4 of CZP's SPoM is...

"A Stark and Wormy Blight" by Mike Bryant! Congratulations, Mike! You will go to the final round of SPoM.

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Shitty Poetry Week Three Winner!

The winner for week 3 of SPoM is John W Sexton for his poem "Dissimilar Familiars." Congratulations, John!

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My EMO Starcommander and the Voyages We Never Took

He wooed me like you tow an asteroid
to fling into a planet you don't like.

He promised googly hyperdrives
to farflung planets, but his particle accelerator was always "down."

He boasted about smuggling
jazzonite into the Minotonkan
Convent, but he had no proof
of dancing and nun
saw him leave.

His excuses for why we never left
the solar system were always colourful: "I need to fly under the radar
lest the Hesteride Belt Mafia find us. You wouldn't want that, babe." Then he'd describe what he thought of
as torture, but I was starting to think might just be kink.

"I know, Saturn in the shadow
of three moons would be awesome,
but I hate crowds, and we can buy
the digital wall display for 20 geffes."

It was always more practical not to leave our apartment. His moods wrapped around him like a nebula shroud. It was a no-communication zone.

I wanted to go all comet on him, but he offered me Cheetos and a place on the couch and his warm arm and said, "Babe, we don't need all that running now that we got each other."

And I settled into the couch like that asteroid settles into a planet's surface, all cozy and devastating, wiping out all life around it.

The Lament of the Paranormal Paramour

Vampires don’t sparkle
And werewolves aren’t adorable
So please keep your romance
Away from my paranormal

The real urban fantasy
Is mixing love and horror
I’d only buy my sweetie Twilight
If I wanted to bore her

Everybody knows
The undead and teens don’t mix
So keep your vamp-human love affair
Away from my private dicks

The distance between genres
Can be near or far
Say no to paranormal romance
Long live supernatural noir


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