Meth Beauty Queen

If the candle truly burns brightest just before
the wick drops blackened into the pooling yellow,
oozing pockets spilling out softened sides
quicker than tiny dopamine floods, laughter
tracking you down the halls, the red-alarm
smell as the smoke coalesces—

if I truly shine, then take it, take
the picture, crown me with teeth.

About the Author

Samuel Minier

Samuel Minier has published around sixty stories and poems in venues such as ChiZine, Ideomancer, Read by Dawn Vols I - III, and Burning Effigy Press's upcoming Fresh Blood anthology. He has also completed three screenplays which have finished in the semi-finals of the Austin Film Festival and Shriekfest Horror Film Festival, as well as the finals of the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival. See for more of Sam's writing.