Beyond Omphalos

She consecrates liters of H3 and sulfur
on the altar of Apollo at Delphi
and gazes at the navel of the earth, expecting
the swirl of galaxies
forming within (with vibrato, string theory
sustained at the end of a chord) only to discover
a muted spectrum
No other communication arrives
to reveal a hidden watcher; her own
turned-inward gaze
but a starspeck, cryogenically frozen
waiting -- waiting for a glimpse of Chronos
his measured, unyielding stride
out beyond the red shift, and out of her hands

About the Author

W. C. Roberts

WC Roberts lives in a mobile home up on Bixby Hill, on land that was once the county dump. The only window looks out on a ragged scarecrow standing in a field of straw and dressed in WC's own discarded clothes. WC dreams of the desert, of finally getting his first television set, and of ravens. Above all, he writes, and has had poems published in Strange Horizons, Apex, Space & Time Magazine, Mindflights, Aoife's Kiss, Big Pulp, Star*Line, and others.