Michael Matheson

Michael Matheson is a genderfluid writer, poet, award-nominated editor, book reviewer, occasional anthologist, and Clarion West ('14) graduate. Their fiction and poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in a number of venues, including Ideomancer, Stone Telling, and a handful of anthologies. The Humanity of Monsters is their first anthology as editor.

Michael's contributions to ChiZine.COM:

  1. Slights by Kaaron Warren (published 2012-04-13) view>
  2. Shitty Poetry Month: Week Two (published 2013-04-09) view>
  3. Poe's Lighthouse (published 2012-07-30) view>
  4. Marrowbones, Issue 1 (published 2012-10-05) view>
  5. Kendare Blake Double Review (published 2012-12-17) view>
  6. A Hollow Cube is a Lonely Space (published 2012-03-07) view>
  7. The Hollow City (published 2012-08-28) view>
  8. Dying Is My Business by Nicholas Kaufmann (published 2013-11-05) view>
  9. Deep Down by Deborah Coates (published 2013-10-16) view>
  10. Dark Duet (published 2012-10-26) view>