Chris Hallock

Chris Hallock is a writer and filmmaker living in Somerville, Massachusetts. His passions are cats, drumming, and fiercely independent art.

He currently writes for the genre film site All Things Horror Online as a reviewer and columnist. He is co-programmer of All Things Horror Presents, a monthly screening series that features the best in underground, totally independent genre films. He is also co-programmer of the Etheria Film Festival, featuring the best women-created Sci-Fi and Fantasy short films.

Chris's contributions to ChiZine.COM:

  1. Watcher of the Dark by Joe Nassise (published 2013-11-19) view>
  2. Soundtrack to the End of the World (published 2012-08-17) view>
  3. A Song After Dark (published 2012-05-30) view>
  4. Shadow of a Dead Star view>
  5. Nightjack by Tom Piccirilli view>
  6. Me'ma and the Great Mountain (published 2012-07-18) view>
  7. Marlow (published 2012-02-06) view>
  8. King of the Dead (published 2013-01-25) view>
  9. Joe & Me by David Moody (published 2013-10-29) view>
  10. It Came From Del Rio view>